Quicktime Movie Does Not Upload to Canvas

Apple iPhone and Macintosh users are discovering that they cannot successfully submit Quicktime (.mov) videos to Canvas assignments. What the users see is a message that says the video is “currently being processed. Try again in a little bit”.  Only it never finishes processing.  The workaround for this is in three stages:

  1. First, save your video to the smallest size possible.  In a “new project” in iMovie for instance, you would “share” to “email.”  iMovie will try to warn you that the movie will be too big to send by email.  Ignore that and proceed.  Your email will open with the movie as an attachment.  You will right-mouse click on that attachment and save it as a Quicktime (.mov) file to a known location on your computer.  See the demonstration of this procedure at https://vimeo.com/144111534
  2. Second, upload the video saved in the first step to Vimeo.com, and make sure the privacy setting of “Only I can see this video” is selected.  You will have to join Vimeo as a new member if you haven’t already, and it is suggested you purchase a low-cost membership.  See the demonstration at https://vimeo.com/144354190
  3. Third, download the uploaded-to-Vimeo movie in SD format. The download will be an mp4 file which will upload successfully to Canvas.  See the demonstration at https://vimeo.com/144354189

After all is said and done, you may find that, in Canvas, the upload media button does not work.  The workaround for that is to right-mouse click on the upload media button, and open it in a new tab or window.  Then go through the “submit assignment” steps a second time.  The next time you click “upload media”, the tool that enables you to select the video for submission should work.  See these steps at https://vimeo.com/144364274

The Department of Academic Technology