The Fix for Mix (Office Mix to Microsoft Stream)

Office Mix is in transition to Microsoft Stream:  What happens next?

Academic Technology has announced previously that Office Mix is being retired by Microsoft on May 1, 2018. Microsoft just sent out a 4-week notice during the Easter weekend. The purpose of this report is to answer the question:  “Now what?”

The move to Stream announced by Microsoft means that Powerpoints converted to narrated slide shows or “Mixes” will be available this spring semester, 2018.  Mix has (or will) become a permanent part of Powerpoint, but will upload to a new service called “Microsoft Stream.” As a consequence, all authors of Powerpoint Mixes must migrate their material to Microsoft Stream by May 1, 2018.

This presentation is an instroduction to Microsoft Stream, and a “how-to” primer on what happens next. It is in the form of a Mix, demonstrating that it is still available at the soon-to-be retired Office Mix, and it has been migrated over to Stream.  (Link to to be announced).

There are three main options that authors have which are demonstrated in the presentation:

  1. Migrate their Office Mixes to Microsoft Stream.
  2. Save the Canvas links to their current Mixes for later editing and replacement.
  3. Link or embed their newly migrated Streams to Canvas content (or replace existing content saved in step 2).

Or, do nothing, and let Mix expire.  The presentation follows. Note it is a “Mix” with slide by slide navigability:

If you wish to compare the presentation to a Stream, the same presentation is available as a video on Stream.

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