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Screencasting with Arc Video

Using Arc Video in Canvas, you can record a screencast of a website or a software operation for instructional purposes, in minutes.  The screencast is saved and embedded in a content page, discussion posting, or any Canvas content that uses

Easy Movie Maker (free) for Windows 10

One way to create and edit videos, from a webcam, or from video clips recorded on a camcorder or cell phone, is this free solution from Microsoft:  Easy Movie Maker. See the 7 minute walk-through from a first-time user.

Transferring a video from a camcorder to a Windows 10 PC

This screencast tutorial assumes that you are choosing the “browse files” option when you connect your camcorder to a PC.  Similar procedures are used for the Macintosh. 

Compressing your video on your smart phone

Note:  Previous information that stated you could upload your video to Canvas from your smartphone was wrong. Students do not yet have that right. These amended directions will show you that compressing your video on your phone to a manageable

Arc Video Overview

Arc Video is a service that combines media and conversation in a way that builds social engagement with video in Canvas. For faculty, Arc fits well with assignments in creating the ability to assess student videos, creating meaningful discussions, and

Tips for shooting demonstrations.

For videos that involve the demonstration of how to do “something”, whether it be working with technology or showing ingredients for a recipe, you will need to consider close-ups to achieve the objective.  A two-person operation, a camera operator and

Quicktime Movie Does Not Upload to Canvas

Apple iPhone and Macintosh users are discovering that they cannot successfully submit Quicktime (.mov) videos to Canvas assignments. What the users see is a message that says the video is “currently being processed. Try again in a little bit”.  Only

Create closed captions for a video on your own

For videos uploaded or recorded directly to Canvas, there is a way to create closed captions if you have excellent keyboarding skills. This 6-minute demonstration shows the steps.

Editing video? Look At It First

Look at the video before you edit, and give yourself plenty of time to think about it. The first thing to keep in mind is that video does not edit itself.  You have to look at the video and apply

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