Make Your Canvas Course Public (but keep student confidentiality intact)

Do you want to make your Canvas course visible to the public, to showcase your online teaching capabilities? You can, and keep your students’ information safe under a protection of confidentiality. Learn how:

hitSettingsFirst, you have to select “Settings” from your Canvas course menu, which will be on the left, as shown in the image at left.  Do not confuse this with your personal Canvas settings, which are in the “Help” corner (in the global navigation bar).

At Course Settings, be sure you are looking at Course Details (at tab at the top).

Scroll down to “Visibility” where you have four selections.  Choose the option that says “Make this course publicly visible (student data will remain private).select visible


Then select “Update Course Details” (see image) , updateCourseDetailsand  you’re good to go!  The course link may now be sent to whomever you would like to see it.  The link can also be included in a Google Site, or a web page of your choosing.

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