Canvas Studio (Arc Video) Overview

Canvas Studio (Arc Video) Overview

Canvas Studio (previously “Arc Video”)  is a service that combines media and conversation in a way that builds social engagement with video in Canvas. For faculty, Arc fits well with assignments in creating the ability to assess student videos, creating meaningful discussions, and other collaborative/cooperative learning activities.  Watch the preview video:

This video may require you to login with your portal username and portal password.  Read on below the video.

Arc Video is a repository built into Canvas for storing videos that may be originally produced or imported from YouTube. The primary benefit of Arc videos is that they are interactive:  you can hold discussions with students directly onto the timeline. You may also critique students’ presentations or performances, privately or with the class as a whole.

With Arc Video you can record from a webcam, record a screencast with a quick-installing add-in, upload a video from your computer, or add a YouTube video by pasting in its URL.

An Arc Video can be placed in any form of Canvas content:  into content pages (aka “wiki pages”), discussion posts, announcements, quizzes and/or quiz questions, and into assignments. Arc videos may be shared with or without the interactive discussion feature.  A tracking feature enables you to determine who has viewed the video, and how much of the video was viewed.

Students may submit videos into Canvas assignments that are set up for that purpose. As the instructor you may access the Arc video (submitted by students) in the Canvas Speedgrader, and your comments and annotations will be seen by students along with grading and your comments.

If you record students’ speeches or other presentations, you may upload those videos into Arc and share them privately with the student(s) along with annotations.

Arc video provides automatically-generated closed captions once you select the applicable language and click a “request” captions button. Captions are generated quickly and may be reviewed, edited, and published by you. Captions may be downloaded to your computer, and opened with a text editor.

In summary, Arc Video is a powerful and probably very easy-to-use tool for engaging students with video, assessing students performances, and for generating closed-captions.


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