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This page may serve as just-in-time professional development to orient new instructors to Canvas. Scroll down after viewing the orientation for presentations on using the Canvas gradebook, and its companion, the speedgrader.

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The Canvas Gradebook, and the Speedgrader

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Recent Posts

Coming soon: the new Canvas “Rich Content Editor” (RCE) The editing window you use to create content is about to change.  Coming January, 2021, it will have enhanced features but it is important to become familiar with the ones you may use the most.  The infographic below shows you what the new rich content editor looks like.  Move your mouse over the multi colored ...

Scheduling Appointments with Students in Canvas Canvas has an appointment-scheduling tool for setting up individual conferences with students.  The instructor uses the tool to schedule a series of time slots, and the students sign up for them on a first-come, first-serve basis.  The instructor should provide directions on using the scheduling tool after setting up the appointment schedule.  Here is a ...

Record Your Webcam to Canvas Studio from a Laptop To record yourself presenting via webcam to Canvas Studio, you must be using a laptop with a webcam built-in and a microphone, or from a desktop computer that is equipped with webcam and mic accessories.  The steps are simple, and you can add closed captions as this screencast shows:

How to Create a Content Page in Canvas You can create new content in Canvas by creating a “page,” directly from a module.  The steps are shown in the screencast that follows.

Creating an Assignment for Videos Submitted by Students You can create an assignment in Canvas that allows for students to submit videos of their work, whether it be a speech or some project in the style of a mini-documentary or demonstration.  The following screencast shows you three things: How to create and edit a Canvas assignment for video submission. What the student experiences in submitting ...

How to Grade an Assignment in Canvas The two minute 18 second screencast that follows walks you through the steps of grading a student-submitted paper in Canvas.

How to Create an Assignment in Canvas The 2 minute screencast shows you the steps to create an assignment in Canvas, whereby students turn in papers, Powerpoints, or other files for grading purposes.

How to Create a Discussion in Canvas The steps shown in the 3 minute screencast cover the technological and pedagogical steps for creating an asynchronous discussion in Canvas.

Upload a Video with Canvas Studio to Canvas Course Content (and add CC’s) These procedures show how to upload a video, such as a PowerPoint video, directly to Canvas Content (a page, an assignment, a discussion topic or post, or a quiz), using Canvas Studio.  The procedures also show how to automatically load closed captions.  View the screencast, and/or see the documentation.

Creating a Quiz for Canvas in Word, Formatting The following guide shows how a Word document of multiple choice quiz questions must be formatted for it to be uploaded successfully into Canvas.  All references to CID in this document are meant to indicate the Department of Academic Technology (DAT).

Canvas Gradebook, 2020 When the Spring 2020 term begins, instructors will encounter a new and yet familiar Canvas Gradebook.  The new version has more conveniences, flexibility, and functionality as depicted in this comprehensive 6-7 minute video from Canvas.  We think you will like it.  Watch for the ability to message students straight from a grading column– a much ...

Introducing “Films on Demand” in Canvas With Films on Demand, you can perform a video online in a manner similar to that of performing it in a Classroom.  Nearly a quarter million video segments are available covering all subjects.  The 3 minute demonstration depicts the use of a title in a Canvas discussion on “ethics.”

Can a Student Watch a (YouTube) Video in Canvas for Credit? YES! A professor asked this interesting question:  Can a YouTube video be put into Canvas with students earning credit for watching it?  The answer is “Yes,” with a modest amount of set-up by the instructor.  The video needs to be added to Canvas Studio.  Then it needs to have a one-question quiz added at the end ...

How to Grade with the Canvas Speedgrader The Speedgrader allows you to grade by clicking on the criteria of a rubric (of your creation), annotate Word documents and PDFs, add comments or audio or video messsages, and grade videos submitted by students using Canvas Studio.

Clinic: Create an In-Video Quiz with Canvas Studio A quiz placed in a Canvas Studio can sustain student attention and engagement.  Here is a 13-minute clinic on the process of importing a YouTube Video and creating a quiz to be embedded on the video timeline and eventually installed in a Canvas assignment.  The same steps can be incorporated for an original video added ...

Download instructional resources from Canvas Commons Commons in Canvas is a repository of instructional content (modules, content pages, assignments, etc.) that is available from the global navigation bar of Canvas. The video tutorial will introduce Commons and show you the steps for adding a resource to your Canvas course.  You may need to log on with your USF portal username and portal ...

Holding Virtual Office Hours with “BigBlueButton” Conferencing in Canvas Big Blue Button is an application within Canvas that allows you to hold web conferences with students. Though not as robust as Adobe Connect, it is ideal for holding “virtual office Hours”. Watch the Screencast, and download the PDF instructions that correlate with the screencast.

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