Innovation for Lecture Capture: TechSmith Relay

TechSmith Relay is a solution for capturing lectures on video using a simple one-button procedure to initiate recording.  In theory, all an instructor has to do is enter the classroom environment which is set up for recording with TechSmith technology, push a button, and record the lecture and any media associated with the lecture.  The lecture would then have to be published (to Canvas as a media embed or as a Canvas Studio video).  Here is TechSmith’s promotional video

There are also case studies and guides for using TechSmith Relay which may be worth your perusal.  The materials include more advanced applications wherein instructors may want to edit the lecture to trim out unwanted portions or add interactivity such as using embedded quizzes (

TechSmith Relay would require a dedicated classroom to be equipped with the necessary hardware, all of it to be kept up to date by Tech Support and managed for users by Academic Technology.  If implemented, Academic Technology would shoulder the burden of making sure the equipment is usable, and would provide professional development opportunities that tailor the system to the instructor’s needs.

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