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Phone Conferencing for Adobe Connect

Canvas Studio is the new name for Arc Video

Academic Technology is looking forward to another year of working with you to achieve quality course development goals, digital literacy and fluency on your terms, successful Canvas Support, and successful strategies in teaching and assessment.

In the News:

Phone conferencing is a new feature of Adobe Connect.  Rather than rely on computer-connected microphones, students may now log into a webinar and dial an 800 number with a conference code to participate.  Check with Glen Gummess to set it up.

By the way, phone conferencing is also possible with Canvas’ own webinar product, BigBlueButton, ideal for virtual office hour, available in the course menu as “Conferences.”

Canvas Studio enables you to create quizzes within videos, original or YouTube-imported, that can be installed in a Canvas assignment and recorded in the gradebook.  This clinic shows you how.

PowerPoint slide shows, narrated with your voice-over, can now be published directly to Microsoft Stream, with automatic (and accurate) closed captions, and even the ability to append a separate quiz or poll.  You may need to upgrade your Powerpoint to the most current version, Office 365, with these instructions or the help of Tech Support.

LearnItNow has been revamped to greater reflect and emphasize your needs as an instructor in areas of course design and development, digital literacy and fluency, teaching and assessment.  Note the form at the bottom of the LearnitNow home page that invites you to share your stories with technology, both good and bad, or reach out to us to explore further a technology on your own terms that you believe will help you meet your goals.

Notifications of interest:

If you are holding Adobe Connect sessions with your students, you must import the latest orientation for students, “Adobe Connect Webinar Orientation,” from Canvas Commons.  Delete the older version in your course.

If you are requiring students to submit videos to assignments, you must import the latest revised version of “Video Production Basics for Canvas Studio,” from Commons.

Finally, check out the calendar of events for professional development opportunities consisting of half-hour clinics and case studies-presented by faculty, and two hour open labs that provide a window of opportunity to explore and just “play” with technological innovations.

The Academic Technology Team

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