Can a Student Watch a (YouTube) Video in Canvas for Credit? YES!

A professor asked this interesting question:  Can a YouTube video be put into Canvas with students earning credit for watching it?  The answer is “Yes,” with a modest amount of set-up by the instructor.  The video needs to be added to Canvas Studio.  Then it needs to have a one-question quiz added at the end to generate the points.  Then the in-video quiz needs to be added to a Canvas assignment, with the points total set to 5 (or whatever you wish).  The four and a half minute screencast shows you the entire process from start to finish, including a look at the experience from the student’s point of view.

You may be prompted to enter in your USF email address and portal password to view this content.  Watch for a form at the end of the video to record your interest in this innovation for professional development.

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