Create Modules and Post Content

Online courses require instructional content just as much as face-to-face classes do.  Instructional content includes lecture notes, PowerPoint presentations, supplementary reading material, practice activities, and online videos.  As an online instructor, you’ll need to find a way to provide this instructional content.  Here are some suggestions.

Create a Module

A module is an organizational unit that can hold instructional content.  Create a module on the Canvas course by clicking .

Upload a File and Link it to the Module

Once you have a module, you can upload content such as PDF, PowerPoint, or Word files.  Use the + button to add content and link it to the module.  Click the video for instructions.

Create Content Page

Alternatively, you could create a “content page” (a blank webpage on Canvas) and type (or copy and paste) instructional content directly on the page.  Content pages are great for sharing information, and embedding images and videos.

From the Module, click + and select Page from the dropdown menu.


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