Feature Comparison: Zoom, Adobe Connect, BigBlueButton

Feature Comparisons, Web Conferences

Each of the three web conferencing solutions, Zoom, Adobe Connect, and BigBlueButton, differ somewhat in what they have to offer. This table is intended to help instructors make decisions on which platform might suffice. This is NOT an evaluation of ease of use which varies from user to user. This is NOT an evaluation of platform stability, which is subject to internet use beyond our control.
FeatureZoomAdobe ConnectBigBlueButton
Phone conferencingyesnoyes
Share screenyesyesYes
Share PowerPoint screen share onlyyesscreen share only
PDFscreen share onlyyesscreen share only
Video with audioYes, with computer sound turned onNoNo
Breakout roomsYesYesYes
File sharing (not restricted to file type)YesYesNo
Automatic Invitations to studentsNo. Copy invitation and paste to portal email message to students.No. Copy URL and paste to portal email message to studentsYes
Requires download of add-in with fast installation.YesYesNo
AccessFree sign-up at zoom.usRequest account from Department of Academic Technologyautomatic in Canvas
Can record session for later viewingYes, as mp4 to computer.Yes, as link only. Yes, but only for 2 weeks.

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