Tips for Webconferences when Internet is Congested

Internet congestion occurs when too many users are using the web at the same time, especially for bandwidth hogs such as video gaming… and webconferencing…  You cannot control what other users are doing, but you can take steps to make your own web conference flow as smoothly as possible.  There are no guarantees, but there are worthwhile tips to consider.

  1. Reboot your computer before you start your meeting.
  2. Turn off as many apps as possible, leaving room for webconferencing to “breathe.”
  3. While it is a good thing to establish a visual presence right away, perhaps your video could be turned off, or paused.  For large class sessions, do not grant webcam rights; or if you do, selectively allow webcams for those who are presenting.
  4. If your webconferencing solution allows it, adjust video and screensharing quality levels to medium or low.

The following two minutes screencast highlights a few preferences changes you can make in Zoom, Adobe Connect, BigBlueButton, and Microsoft Teams.

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