Adobe Connect for Students

The goal of these steps is to prepare you for the experience of attending a “webinar” or virtual meeting conducted via Adobe Connect.  You can view the PDF:  Student Checklist Adobe Connect.  The 15-minute screencast that follows is a visual checklist adapted from the written PDF.  Please budget at least 15 minutes to view it in its entirety.[pagelist_ext child_of=”15″]

  • USF Zoom Authentication Faculty and Students should authenticate into Zoom, which is implemented campus-wide in every Canvas course. First, sign out of your existing Zoom account (if you have one). Then, go to the MyUSF Portal and select Zoom from the dropdown Tools menu.   Then choose the blue “Sign-in” button, third one down, not either of the other two buttons. You should ...
  • How to Upload a Video to Microsoft Stream In simple steps, this two minute 50 second video tutorial shows you how to upload a video to MS Stream, a service that is part of Office 365.  After viewing the video, you may wish to view the tutorial on how to add an MS Stream video to Canvas course content. 
  • How to Upload a Video to Canvas In a few simple steps, this video tutorial shows you how to upload a video to Canvas Studio.  The screencast runs two minutes 50 seconds. Following your viewing of this video, you may wish to consult how to add a video to Canvas course content.
  • Dr. Sudipta Roy’s Favorite Statistics Experiment Statistics Professor Sudipta Roy makes statistics as easy as counting toothpicks, or cotton swabs, or anything else that comes in a box (!) as she demonstrates with her favorite classroom experiment.
  • Start an Adobe Connect Meeting with Phone Conferencing Launch an Adobe Connect meeting and set its preferences to include audio (telephone) conferencing.
  • Logging Into Adobe Connect for the First Time Watch the two and a half-minute screencast which gives a general orientation to an Adobe Connect account.
  • Set Up Phone Conferencing, one-time only If you are an Adobe Connect meeting host, you have the ability to set up phone conferencing.  This is a one-time only procedure.  Care must be taken to schedule your phone conference so as not to conflict with others in your College.  See the screencast (2 minutes 25 seconds) and download the written instructions in ...
  • Canvas for Instructors This page may serve as just-in-time professional development to orient new instructors to Canvas. Scroll down after viewing the orientation for presentations on using the Canvas gradebook, and its companion, the speedgrader. The orientation has a menu to navigate to specific sections of interest, closed captions, and may be ...
  • Canvas Studio (Arc Video) Overview Canvas Studio (previously “Arc Video”)  is a service that combines media and conversation in a way that builds social engagement with video in Canvas. For faculty, Arc fits well with assignments in creating the ability to assess student videos, creating meaningful discussions, and other collaborative/cooperative learning activities.  Watch the preview video: This video may require you ...
  • Holding Effective Classroom Discussions, a Classroom Conversion Presentation Dr. Shannon Brown, Assistant Professor in the College of Business and Health Administration, provides an in-depth and pedagogically detailed overview of how she holds classroom discussions that spur critical thinking among her students. Recorded April 1, 2016.   Classroom Conversion with Shannon Brown on Teaching with Discussions from Academic Technology on Vimeo.
  • Create Group Assignments in Canvas Once a group of students has been created in Canvas, the instructor can set up an assignment to be submitted by groups. The steps are shown in the screencast.  
  • A Simple Method for Distributing Students to Groups in Canvas The simplest way to create groups in Canvas is to randomly distribute students into the number of groups you set up.  The screencast shows how.
  • Learn About “Pods” in an Adobe Connect Meeting If you’ve perused the presentation on layouts, the information in this presentation about “pods” that serve various functions in an Adobe Connect meeting will make the most sense.  Pods allow you to share content and interact with others in an Adobe Connect Meeting. Watch this screencast for more information.