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You must check an option from the Adobe Connect Meeting menu to “auto-promote participants to presenters” if you want students to prepare for meetings by uploading and rehearsing powerpoints with their webcam and microphone. The screencast will show how this …

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The New Roll Call Tool”Roll Call” is a new plug-in for the 2015 Fall semester that allows you to use Canvas to take attendance in your residential or hybrid class.  The video screencast will demonstrate. Record attendance with the “Roll …

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To record and retrieve a recording of an Adobe Connect meeting and make it public, you need to be a meeting host.  The procedures that follow show you how to record a meeting, make it public, and then retrieve a …

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Muting audio in an Adobe Connect meeting is one of the most important things to do to prevent audio feedback, especially the “killer” kind that can so disrupt a meeting as to lead to ruin. It is a simple thing …

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The Australian Learning and Teaching Council maintains a site called “Learning to Teach Online” which includes this illuminating article on “Conducting Effective Online Discussions”  Quoting from its abstract: Discussions are an important component of many forms of online student interaction. …

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When you are setting file types for assignment submissions in Canvas, you must be letter perfect in your typing if you are going to restrict those file types to, for instance, Word documents (“docx”).  The demonstration here goes into further …

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This video shows you how to register for MSED classes.

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Do you want to make your Canvas course visible to the public, to showcase your online teaching capabilities? You can, and keep your students’ information safe under a protection of confidentiality. Learn how:

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General Checklist – Applies to all types of content.

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Whenever you plug a new USB device into your computer, such as a webcam or a combination headphone/microphone, you may have to set your computer’s preferences to use when required for Adobe Connect.

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