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Canvas has an appointment-scheduling tool for setting up individual conferences with students.  The instructor uses the tool to schedule a series of time slots, and the students sign up for them on a first-come, first-serve basis.  The instructor should provide …

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To record yourself presenting via webcam to Canvas Studio, you must be using a laptop with a webcam built-in and a microphone, or from a desktop computer that is equipped with webcam and mic accessories.  The steps are simple, and …

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If you want to record a video directly to Canvas Studio from your iPhone (or other smartphone), go ahead!  These steps show you how.

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Polling in Zoom, as with other similar programs, is a way to canvas your attendees for their votes or to do a knowledge-assessment spot check.  The polling feature is easily accomplished, from the host’s perspective, as demonstrated in this 2 …

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Respondus Lockdown Browser is now available for online exams through the end of the semester. This application presents students from navigating to another website while they are taking an exam, and can be set to record a student with their …

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College of Arts and Sciences Elizabeth Davies provided this handout to recording a Zoom session written by Recreation & Sport Management Professor Jerome Gabriel. It is primarily for students but is applicable for instructors as well.

The new Simple Steps page is designed to answer basic questions of a “how to” nature.  These are no-frills tutorials that show just one thing at a time.  So, if you want to upload a video to Canvas Studio, there’s …

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In a few simple steps, learn how to add a Microsoft Stream video to a Canvas Course Content page, which could also be an assignment, an announcement, or a quiz item.  The screencast runs one minute 23 seconds.

In a few simple steps, learn from this one minute video how to add a Canvas Studio video to course content, which could be a Canvas content page, assignment, discussion topic, announcement, or a quiz item.

In simple steps, this two minute 50 second video tutorial shows you how to upload a video to MS Stream, a service that is part of Office 365.  After viewing the video, you may wish to view the tutorial on …

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