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Student Success with performance data for evidence-informed decision making.

The Assessment Plan is a multi-year plan for assessing program outcomes.  It lists all program outcomes and direct and indirect assessments that will be used to measure each outcome.  For new programs at USF, the first Assessment Plan is submitted …

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Exams can be effective ways for measuring student learning.  Before implementing an exam, it would be useful to explore the range of question types and to align questions with unit-level and course-level student learning outcomes.  In this blog post, I …

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Exams can be a useful assessment methodology for measuring student learning.  In some courses, exams are the primary assessment method, and a student’s exam score can account for 80% or more of the course grade.  Because of the heavy weight …

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Assessment is a systematic process for measuring, analyzing, and reflecting on the quality of teaching and learning in order to make data-informed decisions about academic programs.  At USF, the assessment process is faculty-owned and on-going.  Each year in October, all …

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