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Canvas is our learning management system that virtualizes all courses at USF. All online courses and “blended” classroom-based courses are supported by Canvas.

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The “DocViewer” is the tool that enables instructors to annotate students papers, submitted as assignments, using the SpeedGrader. See the 2-minute demonstration.

The newly introduced Canvas App for Teachers enables instructors to quickly review discussions, assignments and other features, and should get better over time. See the one minute video intro:

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Note:  Previous information that stated you could upload your video to Canvas from your smartphone was wrong. Students do not yet have that right. These amended directions will show you that compressing your video on your phone to a manageable …

Compressing your video on your smart phone Read More »

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Canvas Studio (previously “Arc Video”)  is a service that combines media and conversation in a way that builds social engagement with video in Canvas. For faculty, Arc fits well with assignments in creating the ability to assess student videos, creating …

Canvas Studio (Arc Video) Overview Read More »

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With its October 29, 2016, incremental release, Canvas has updated and made easier the way groups are navigated by the instructor. The easy steps are shown in this 1 minute 31 second screencast: 

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A combination of technical proficiency and pedagogy will result in a discussion topic in Canvas that will foster the growth of a learning community. Here is a 4 minute screencast that shows the techniques and conceptual development of a discussion …

How to Create a Discussion in Canvas that Will Build a Learning Community Read More »

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For Students The following screencast will orient you to the use of the Canvas Inbox.

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For students, the following screencast shows you how to navigate to grades for both the whole course and for individual assignments, using a hypothetical student, “John Adams” as a tour guide of sorts.  

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Turnitin is the application in Canvas that checks your work for originality (and plagiarism). Here are special instructions for submitting a document to a Turnitin-enabled assignment.

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Follow the steps shown in the screencast for submitting a document or other work to an assignment in Canvas.

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