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Dr. Shannon Brown, Assistant Professor in the College of Business and Health Administration, provides an in-depth and pedagogically detailed overview of how she holds classroom discussions that spur critical thinking among her students. Recorded April 1, 2016.  

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By now you may have heard that Canvas will be changing over to a colorful new user interface on May 16, 2016. And that is inevitable. But it’s got some notable features including flatter navigation (not as much clicking), alerts …

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Big Blue Button is an application within Canvas that allows you to hold web conferences with students. Though not as robust as Adobe Connect, it is ideal for holding “virtual office Hours”. Watch the Screencast, and download the PDF instructions …

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(December 16, 2015).  Because Turnitin, the originality-checking service, has changed the way it works within Canvas, instructors will need to modify pre-existing assignments that use Turnitin.  The procedures are laid out in full via this PDF:  Turnitin for Canvas via LTI. …

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Once a group of students has been created in Canvas, the instructor can set up an assignment to be submitted by groups. The steps are shown in the screencast.  

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The simplest way to create groups in Canvas is to randomly distribute students into the number of groups you set up.  The screencast shows how.

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If you’ve perused the presentation on layouts, the information in this presentation about “pods” that serve various functions in an Adobe Connect meeting will make the most sense.  Pods allow you to share content and interact with others in an …

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The first thing you see when you start an Adobe Connect meeting is a “layout”.  There are three basic layouts, each one with a purpose (e.g., to share content, to hold a discussion).  As the host you can modify the …

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The New Roll Call Tool”Roll Call” is a new plug-in for the 2015 Fall semester that allows you to use Canvas to take attendance in your residential or hybrid class.  The video screencast will demonstrate. Record attendance with the “Roll …

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The Australian Learning and Teaching Council maintains a site called “Learning to Teach Online” which includes this illuminating article on “Conducting Effective Online Discussions”  Quoting from its abstract: Discussions are an important component of many forms of online student interaction. …

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