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Materials for students on using technology

An Infographic to Avoid Plagiarism

Refer to the infographic below on how to make your work original with appropriate citations that avoid the dangers of plagiarism in violation of academic integrity.

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New to Adobe Connect: PHONE CONFERENCING!

USF implemented during the summer a new (and long-awaited) phone conferencing feature in Adobe Connect.  For meetings that are set up for phone conferencing, users may call into an 800 number, enter a participant code, and join the meeting with

Embedding an internet graphic into the Canvas Content Editor

There is a way to place an internet graphic (or video) in a Canvas page that makes it easier to view for students and instructors.  Using the “embed” command accomplishes this, as shown in the screencast that follows.  The screencast

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DocViewer in Canvas

The “DocViewer” is the tool that enables instructors to annotate students papers, submitted as assignments, using the SpeedGrader. See the 2-minute demonstration.

Compressing your video on your smart phone

Note:  Previous information that stated you could upload your video to Canvas from your smartphone was wrong. Students do not yet have that right. These amended directions will show you that compressing your video on your phone to a manageable

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Going Full Screen with Powerpoints and Desktop Displays in Adobe Connect

Participants attending an Adobe Connect can enlarge a Powerpoint or desktop display to full screen size, without disturbing others who are attending the meeting, and then restore the display to its normal size, by toggling a simple switch in the

Checking Grades in Canvas

For students, the following screencast shows you how to navigate to grades for both the whole course and for individual assignments, using a hypothetical student, “John Adams” as a tour guide of sorts.  

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Submitting a “Turnitin” Assignment

Turnitin Logo

Turnitin is the application in Canvas that checks your work for originality (and plagiarism). Here are special instructions for submitting a document to a Turnitin-enabled assignment.

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Submit an Assignment in Canvas, Basics

Follow the steps shown in the screencast for submitting a document or other work to an assignment in Canvas.

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View a Basic Orientation to Canvas (for students)

Canvas will switch to a new view effective May 16th, 2016.  Here is an orientation, with tips for navigation. Below the orientation video are additional orientations that you can open on this page. Click on any of the following titles

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