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Strategies to promote effective teaching.

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Sue Ohrablo, Ed.D. provided a detailed and informative set of issues and strategies in her address, “How to teach and advise difficult and demanding students:  De-escalating interactions and resolving issues.  The video includes her PowerPoint slide deck and runs 1 …

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“Learning by Teaching” asks students to learn course content by designing lesson plans and by teaching the material to another (or hypothetical) student. Students can engage in “learning by teaching” by teaching course content to others in person, in small …

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Wilbert McKeachie is a past director of the Center for Research in Learning and Teaching at the University of Michigan (the first Center for Teaching & Learning in the United States). He taught until the age of 84 and produced …

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Whether you plan to use Canvas a lot or a little, it’s helpful to have the major material set up before the first day of class, and it’s helpful to provide an overview of the Canvas site on the first …

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The first day of class provides a unique opportunity to create a positive first impression, to establish goals of the course, and to set the tone for the rest of the semester. This day usually include some form of social …

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