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Synchronous learning that includes video and audio conferences and related software.

Does your Adobe Connect Meeting have phone (audio) conferencing?

When you log in as a “registered user” to an Adobe Connect meeting that you are hosting, you may find a telephone icon instead of a microphone icon.  That signals that the meeting has been set up for audio conferencing

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Start an Adobe Connect Meeting with Phone Conferencing

Launch an Adobe Connect meeting and set its preferences to include audio (telephone) conferencing.

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Logging Into Adobe Connect for the First Time

Watch the two and a half-minute screencast which gives a general orientation to an Adobe Connect account.

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Set Up Phone Conferencing, one-time only

If you are an Adobe Connect meeting host, you have the ability to set up phone conferencing.  This is a one-time only procedure.  Care must be taken to schedule your phone conference so as not to conflict with others in

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New to Adobe Connect: PHONE CONFERENCING!

USF implemented during the summer a new (and long-awaited) phone conferencing feature in Adobe Connect.  For meetings that are set up for phone conferencing, users may call into an 800 number, enter a participant code, and join the meeting with

Webcasting with C920 webcam and MOVO conference room microphone

The webcam and microphone devices demonstrated here work the same as any other plug-and-play USB device.  Just turn on the computer first, plug the devices in, and set your webcasting (webinar) solution to “see” these devices.  Specific instructions are shown

Select a Speaker with Audio Setup Wizard

Adobe Connect now includes the ability to select an appropriate speaker or headset when you run the “Audio Setup Wizard,” always recommended to balance a microphone with the room’s acoustics to produce the best and most legible audio. The Screencast

How to Upload a Powerpoint to Adobe Connect

Presenting a Powerpoint uploaded to an Adobe Connect meeting has advantages over simply sharing your screen. Topmost is the fact that it saves bandwidth for all users.  Adobe Connect also stores the Powerpoint for later use within the meeting, as

Going Full Screen with Powerpoints and Desktop Displays in Adobe Connect

Participants attending an Adobe Connect can enlarge a Powerpoint or desktop display to full screen size, without disturbing others who are attending the meeting, and then restore the display to its normal size, by toggling a simple switch in the

Webcasting from a “Deep Freeze” computer

When you are using Adobe Connect to webcast from a classroom that has deep freeze, there are steps you must undertake every time you start or restart the computer. The PDF document provides these steps, including settings for a USB

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