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Synchronous learning that includes video and audio conferences and related software.

All participants, including the host and presenters, should run the “Audio Setup Wizard” in Adobe Connect from its “Meeting” menu in order to produce the most successful sound results when using microphones connected to computers.  It is not long or …

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You must check an option from the Adobe Connect Meeting menu to “auto-promote participants to presenters” if you want students to prepare for meetings by uploading and rehearsing powerpoints with their webcam and microphone. The screencast will show how this …

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To record and retrieve a recording of an Adobe Connect meeting and make it public, you need to be a meeting host.  The procedures that follow show you how to record a meeting, make it public, and then retrieve a …

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Muting audio in an Adobe Connect meeting is one of the most important things to do to prevent audio feedback, especially the “killer” kind that can so disrupt a meeting as to lead to ruin. It is a simple thing …

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Whenever you plug a new USB device into your computer, such as a webcam or a combination headphone/microphone, you may have to set your computer’s preferences to use when required for Adobe Connect.

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The Five Things You Must Know about Webinar Audio is a PDF file, published May, 2012, and written by Mike Agron, Executive Webinar Producer and co-founder of WebAttract, which makes webinar solutions. Table of Contents includes How to Create a …

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The Revolabs XTag wireless microphone connects to the USB port of a computer, and is webcast-ready. The user clips the microphone to a lapel. Via Bluetooth, the audio signal is sent to the computer and out over an Adobe Connect …

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