Communications with Students

Reaching out to your students electronically involves any or all of these platforms:  USF’s email (Outlook), aka “Webmail” in the portal; The Canvas Inbox, and Canvas course announcements.  In all cases, it is of utmost importance to advise students to set their Canvas notifications preferences to receive announcements or Inbox messages, at least daily.  Students may set their notifications preferences by choosing “Account” at the top of their Canvas global navigation column, which is the brown vertical bar located at the left of the Canvas user interface, as shown in this 1 minute screencast.

The following resources explain the use of communications tools at USF.

Scheduling Appointments with Students in Canvas

Canvas has an appointment-scheduling tool for setting up individual conferences with students.  The instructor uses the tool to schedule a ...
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A Novel Way to Chalk & Talk with an iPad Tablet

Radiation Therapy Professor Leia Levy improvised a way to explain a detailed solution to a complicated math problem for her ...
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Tips for Teaching Via the Webcam

It is important to realize that you and your students are in this together.  To be yourself and to engage ...
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What Instructors Need to Know about Communications with Students

As Canvas is the mothership for teaching online students, it is important that you are confident that students are getting ...
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New Announcement

How to Create Announcements in Canvas

To create an announcement for your students, go to “Announcements” in the Course menu, or click “New Announcement” in the ...
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The Canvas Inbox for Private Messages to Students

The Canvas Inbox is located on the Canvas global navigation tool bar, which sits vertically on the left side of ...
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