Engaging Students

Engagement Strategies

Tools for Engaging Students


Animations and multimedia can sustain student focus and avoid "death by PowerPoint"

Canvas Studio

Canvas Studio (aka "Arc" Video") is a multipurpose video service that involves students through dialogue, quizzing, and other types of assessment.  Create screencasts on-the-fly to support learning.

Microsoft Sway

Slide show-style presentation that includes multimedia capability and externally embedded media.  It can automatically turn a Word document or PowerPoint into a presentation.

Google Apps

Slide shows, drawings, infographics, and more tools to present instructional content in ways that meet diverse learning needs.

Microsoft Stream

Microsoft repository to store and manage your videos.  Shareable in groups.  Includes automatic closed captioning.  Can be embedded in Canvas content.

Your Ideas

What ideas do you have?  We welcome your stories of experiences with technologies used for teaching and learning.

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