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  • Provost’s message: Envisioning the Future of Academics at USF August 15, 2019 Dr. Beth Roth, Provost and Vice President of Academics, delivered a message on the future of academics at USF to faculty, administrators and staff.  Recorded August 15, 2019 at the Turk Theater at USF.
  • An in-video Canvas Quiz created by Stacy Dewald June 28, 2019 Criminal Justice Professor Stacy Dewald demonstrates how she created an in-video quiz using Canvas Studio (Arc Video) that can be entered into the Canvas gradebook.  Dewald earned a digital “Innovation” badge for her accomplishments.
  • Learning Glass with Deborah Bacharz June 28, 2019 Nursing Professor Deb Bacharz uses Learning Glass to deliver a “chalk and talk” lecture to remote online students. For her presentation delivered in the Innovation Academy held in May she received the “Innovators” digital badge.

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Innovative Technologies

Here are some of the more familiar technologies we have at USF that can be used to liven content and make it more engaging, accessible, and amenable to diverse learning needs.


for Online and Blended Courses

Canvas Studio (Arc Video)

Record yourself, a screencast, add a YouTube video, add an interactive dialogue, include a quiz, assess student performance, all with this video tool built into Canvas

Microsoft Office

A suite of products including PowerPoint, MS Forms, "Sway" for multimedia-enhanced presentations, and Stream, a video management system and repository


Three solutions:  Adobe Connect (now with phone conferencing) for general teaching purposes.  BigBlueButton (part of Canvas) for holding virtual office hours.  Skype for Business for group discussions and consulting students.

Google Drive

Collaborate with Google Docs; create Infographics; slide shows; charts; drawings, and other possible media

Innovative Strategies

Here are a few ideas for what you can do with existing technologies at USF. What would you like to do? Let us know by completing the form at the bottom of the page.

Innovative Strategies

Engaging students with mediaCanvas StudioPowerPointCreating Exams in Canvas and Using Exam Analytics
Sustaining students attention spansIn-video quizzing with Canvas StudioPowerPoint animationsPoll Everywhere plug-in for PowerPointForms: Google or Microsoft
Teaching remote students in real-timeAdobe ConnectBigBlueButton (Canvas conferencing)Skype for BusinessUsing Canvas Outcomes for Program Assessment
Providing digital lectures on demandPowerPoint to StreamCanvas StudioMS SwayAvoiding and Detecting Plagiarism
Assessing performance recorded on video by studentsCanvas Studio through Assignment submissionTechniques for Connecting to Students with a WebcamCreating Differentiated assignments in CanvasWeb Conferencing Tools for Online Instruction
Recording students on video and assessing performanceCanvas Studio through private sharing.Video editing with open-source softwareMultimedia strategies for sustaining student engagement

Video recording, producing and displaying
  • Self-introductions or brief presentations (talking head).
  • Screencasts.
  • Video dialogues with students.
  • In-video quizzing to sustain student attention.
  • Assessing student performance.
  • Adding YouTube videos.
    • dialoguing
    • in-video quizzing
  • Lecture Capture

Engaging Students

  • Sustaining student attention
    • PowerPoint animations
    • In-video quizzes
    • MS Sway
  • Infographic-style strategies
    • PowerPoint
    • Infographics (Google)
    • Prezis

Student Performance and Mastery

  • Accepting and grading student video assignment submissions in Canvas
  • Forms for differentiated learning
    • MS Forms
    • Google Forms
  • Mastery Paths in Canvas
  • Student response systems (remember "Clickers?").

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What about your experiences or issues with educational technology?