Turnitin, and How It Works in Canvas

Turnitin is the technology used to check the originality of  students’ submissions to assignments, and is integrated into the Canvas Gradebook (i.e., the Speedgrader). To set up Turnitin for an existing assignment, and grade it, read the PDF:  Turnitin for Canvas via LTI (revised December, 2015).  You can also watch a recording of a recent DAT webinar that shows the procedures being performed.

For Faculty:  Canvas documentation includes a number of visually-enhanced tutorials for using Turnitin.

How does Turnitin Work in the Speedgrader?

Interpreting the Turnitin Originality Report

How Do I Create a Turnitin Assignment?

For Students:

Submitting a “Turnitin” Assignment Turnitin is the application in Canvas that checks your work for originality (and plagiarism). Here are special instructions for submitting a document to a Turnitin-enabled assignment.

How to Submit a Document to a Turnitin-enabled Assignment “Turnitin” is an application that checks your submissions for originality, which your instructor may enable for a given assignment. The 2-minute screencast will show you how to submit your work to such an assignment.