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Using Adobe Connect for web-conferencing.  Also, Skype and Canvas conferencing

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  • How to Submit a Document to a Turnitin-enabled Assignment December 16, 2015 “Turnitin” is an application that checks your submissions for originality, which your instructor may enable for a given assignment. The 2-minute screencast will show you how to submit your work to such an assignment.
  • Mute my microphone in Adobe Connect July 31, 2015 Muting audio in an Adobe Connect meeting is one of the most important things to do to prevent audio feedback, especially the “killer” kind that can so disrupt a meeting as to lead to ruin. It is a simple thing to ...
  • New to Adobe Connect: PHONE CONFERENCING! June 25, 2019 USF implemented during the summer a new (and long-awaited) phone conferencing feature in Adobe Connect.  For meetings that are set up for phone conferencing, users may call into an 800 number, enter a participant code, and join the meeting with ...
  • Submit an Assignment in Canvas, Basics April 6, 2016 Follow the steps shown in the screencast for submitting a document or other work to an assignment in Canvas.
  • Submitting a “Turnitin” Assignment April 6, 2016 Submitting a "Turnitin" AssignmentTurnitin is the application in Canvas that checks your work for originality (and plagiarism). Here are special instructions for submitting a document to a Turnitin-enabled assignment.