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Using Adobe Connect for web-conferencing.  Also, Skype and Canvas conferencing

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For Students
  • New to Adobe Connect: PHONE CONFERENCING! June 25, 2019 USF implemented during the summer a new (and long-awaited) phone conferencing feature in Adobe Connect.  For meetings that are set up for phone conferencing, users may call into an 800 number, enter a participant code, and join the meeting with ...
  • Record Your Webcam to Canvas Studio from a Laptop April 24, 2020 To record yourself presenting via webcam to Canvas Studio, you must be using a laptop with a webcam built-in and a microphone, or from a desktop computer that is equipped with webcam and mic accessories.  The steps are simple, and ...
  • Submit an Assignment in Canvas, Basics April 6, 2016 Follow the steps shown in the screencast for submitting a document or other work to an assignment in Canvas.
  • Submitting a “Turnitin” Assignment April 6, 2016 Submitting a "Turnitin" AssignmentTurnitin is the application in Canvas that checks your work for originality (and plagiarism). Here are special instructions for submitting a document to a Turnitin-enabled assignment.
  • Tips for shooting demonstrations. February 16, 2016 For videos that involve the demonstration of how to do “something”, whether it be working with technology or showing ingredients for a recipe, you will need to consider close-ups to achieve the objective.  A two-person operation, a camera operator and ...