Posting Online Content

The ability to post content in Canvas is wide and varied.  Canvas courses at USF are frequently organized with a modules theme.  The student sees vertically stacked modules representing components of the course, including an introductory "getting started" or similar type module, and then additional modules based on weeks or content, whichever is preferred.  Canvas has produced a fairly comprehensive short video that covers the preparation of modules and the scheduling of their release, as well as the types of content you can put in it.

More resources about posting content are shown below.  If you are looking for simple, condensed instructions on how to do certain things, like just post video content, consult the "Simple Steps" page at right.

Record Your Webcam to Canvas Studio from a Laptop

To record yourself presenting via webcam to Canvas Studio, you must be using a laptop with a webcam built-in and ...
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Record Directly to Canvas Studio with an iPhone

If you want to record a video directly to Canvas Studio from your iPhone (or other smartphone), go ahead!  These ...
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How to Add a Microsoft Stream Video to Canvas Course Content

In a few simple steps, learn how to add a Microsoft Stream video to a Canvas Course Content page, which ...
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How to Add a Canvas Studio Video to Canvas Course Content

In a few simple steps, learn from this one minute video how to add a Canvas Studio video to course ...
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How to Upload a Video to Microsoft Stream

In simple steps, this two minute 50 second video tutorial shows you how to upload a video to MS Stream, ...
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How to Upload a Video to Canvas

In a few simple steps, this video tutorial shows you how to upload a video to Canvas Studio.  The screencast ...
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A Novel Way to Chalk & Talk with an iPad Tablet

Radiation Therapy Professor Leia Levy improvised a way to explain a detailed solution to a complicated math problem for her ...
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How to Create a Content Page in Canvas

You can create new content in Canvas by creating a “page,” directly from a module.  The steps are shown in ...
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A Lifeline For Mac Users in Recording PowerPoints

PowerPoint is not friendly for recording narration on the Macintosh, but there is a nice workaround using a free software ...
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Create Modules and Post Content

Online courses require instructional content just as much as face-to-face classes do.  Instructional content includes lecture notes, PowerPoint presentations, supplementary ...
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