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Commons in Canvas is a repository of instructional content (modules, content pages, assignments, etc.) that is available from the global navigation bar of Canvas. The video tutorial will introduce Commons and show you the steps for adding a resource to …

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For Students The following screencast will orient you to the use of the Canvas Inbox.

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Follow the steps shown in the screencast for submitting a document or other work to an assignment in Canvas.

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By now you may have heard that Canvas will be changing over to a colorful new user interface on May 16, 2016. And that is inevitable. But it’s got some notable features including flatter navigation (not as much clicking), alerts …

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Once a group of students has been created in Canvas, the instructor can set up an assignment to be submitted by groups. The steps are shown in the screencast.  

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The simplest way to create groups in Canvas is to randomly distribute students into the number of groups you set up.  The screencast shows how.

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Do you want to make your Canvas course visible to the public, to showcase your online teaching capabilities? You can, and keep your students’ information safe under a protection of confidentiality. Learn how:

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