Video for Students


Get started in learning how to plan, capture, produce, and submit videos to Canvas, beginning on this page.

Basics of Recording Media

Essential information for recording video, and audio. This page and its links could serve as a "Quick Start" manual for the entire sequence of producing video and submitting it to Canvas . First, forget tape. You will be recording digitally . All ...
  • Converting old videos to web-ready formats using “Handbrake” If you have old videos that were shot on camcorders using outdated formats (e.g., VHS or hi-8) and then digitized into your computer, they may not be playable if they are in old unrecognizable formats. A free utility called “Handbrake” enables you to quickly convert those old videos into usable web-ready formats (e.g., mp4, H.264).  ...
  • Free video editor may solve instructor’s media needs Educational Technologist Glen Gummess, Ed.D., reviews “DaVinci Resolve,” a free, open source video editor that fits on a PC or Mac and can be used to edit instructional videos.
  • Introducing “Films on Demand” in Canvas With Films on Demand, you can perform a video online in a manner similar to that of performing it in a Classroom.  Nearly a quarter million video segments are available covering all subjects.  The 3 minute demonstration depicts the use of a title in a Canvas discussion on “ethics.”

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