Innovative Technologies

Techno-Pedagogical Strategies

Here is a list of possible teaching strategies with technology that are possible with existing technologies at USF. Some strategies necessitate the need to buy certain supplies, such as a headphone with a wrap-around microphone, and/or an inexpensive webcam.
Techno-pedagogical strategyPowerPointCanvas StudioCanvasAdobe ConnectBigBlueButtonSkype for BusinessMS SwayStreamForms (MS or Google)
Engaging students with different forms of mediaxxx
Sustaining students' attention spansxxx
Teaching students in real-timexxx
Providing lecture content on-demandxxxx
Assessing student performance submitted on video by studentsx
Recording students performance and assessing through in-video annotationsx
Recording screencasts for on-demand viewingxxx
Branching paths of learning based on masteryxx
Gathering students responses in real-timex
Uploading original video productionsxx
Importing YouTube videosxx
Creating in-video discussionsx
Adapting chalk-and-talk for online deliveryx
Gathering survey or quiz data from studentsxxxxx
Incorporating math equationsxMS Form only
Record a self-introduction or instructional commentaryxxxx
USF's Online Learning Management System
Host Webinars
Webinar Hosting
Create, share, and store documents in "the cloud".
Present content to learners in class or at-a-distance.
Create Media
Create videos, or anything that moves or makes a sound