Innovative Technologies

Innovative Strategies

Engaging students with mediaCanvas StudioPowerPointCreating Exams in Canvas and Using Exam Analytics
Sustaining students attention spansIn-video quizzing with Canvas StudioPowerPoint animationsPoll Everywhere plug-in for PowerPointForms: Google or Microsoft
Teaching remote students in real-timeAdobe ConnectBigBlueButton (Canvas conferencing)Skype for BusinessUsing Canvas Outcomes for Program Assessment
Providing digital lectures on demandPowerPoint to StreamCanvas StudioMS SwayAvoiding and Detecting Plagiarism
Assessing performance recorded on video by studentsCanvas Studio through Assignment submissionTechniques for Connecting to Students with a WebcamCreating Differentiated assignments in CanvasWeb Conferencing Tools for Online Instruction
Recording students on video and assessing performanceCanvas Studio through private sharing.Video editing with open-source softwareMultimedia strategies for sustaining student engagement

Techno-Pedagogical Strategies

Here is a list of possible teaching strategies with technology that are possible with existing technologies at USF. Some strategies necessitate the need to buy certain supplies, such as a headphone with a wrap-around microphone, and/or an inexpensive webcam.
Techno-pedagogical strategyPowerPointCanvas StudioCanvasAdobe ConnectBigBlueButtonSkype for BusinessMS SwayStreamForms (MS or Google)
Engaging students with different forms of mediaxxx
Sustaining students' attention spansxxx
Teaching students in real-timexxx
Providing lecture content on-demandxxxx
Assessing student performance submitted on video by studentsx
Recording students performance and assessing through in-video annotationsx
Recording screencasts for on-demand viewingxxx
Branching paths of learning based on masteryxx
Gathering students responses in real-timex
Uploading original video productionsxx
Importing YouTube videosxx
Creating in-video discussionsx
Adapting chalk-and-talk for online deliveryx
Gathering survey or quiz data from studentsxxxxx
Incorporating math equationsxMS Form only
Record a self-introduction or instructional commentaryxxxx
USF's Online Learning Management System
Host Webinars
Webinar Hosting
Create, share, and store documents in "the cloud".
Present content to learners in class or at-a-distance.
Create Media
Create videos, or anything that moves or makes a sound