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Teaching & Professional Growth and the Technology Support Center continue a partnership to provide a faculty-driven approach to raising digital proficiency and efficacy in the use of learning technologies. Visit our the T&PG page!

The TSC as you know supports Canvas for online and hybrid learning as well as technologies for the classroom. Through this partnership with T&PG, we should be able to identify and assess new tools to make teaching with technology easier and more effective.

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  • The A.I. Dilemma (updated June 2, 2023)
    Now, suddenly upon us, Artificial Intelligence comes to befuddle and bewilder academics with its ability to create new written content, deep fake us into believing Tom Cruise can play guitar, and imitate the voice of James Earl Jones as Darth Vader with astonishing realism. Can it fool us into thinking that a student’s AI-written work […]
  • LGBTQ+ Discussion
    TP&G-hosted discussion, Mar. 22, 2023, on LGBTQ+ life experiences.