Teaching & Professional Growth

Introducing a Partnership with the Technology Support Center

Teaching & Professional Growth and the Technology Support Center have begun a partnership to provide a faculty-driven approach to raising digital proficiency and efficacy in the use of learning technologies. The TSC as you know supports Canvas for online and hybrid learning as well as technologies for the classroom. Through this partnership with T&PG, we should be able to identify and assess new tools to make teaching with technology easier and more effective.

Through this partnership we hope to provide activities that are fun and effective in raising digital proficiency on the instructor’s terms in the use of tools for teaching.  You will see a few of these in the sidebar of upcoming events from time to time.  Activities can take several forms:

  • Consultations with instructors arranged by appointment.
  • At-your-own pace and time faculty development experiences through Canvas.
    • one week modules.
    • indefinite length Canvas resource modules.
    • Lab-based consultation and training arranged by appointment.
    • Scheduled demonstrations and activities.

These activities often generate resource materials that will be available through the parent LearnitNow website.

Watch your campus email for further notifications.

Melinda Hammond, Chair, T&PG
Glen Gummess, TSC Educational Technologist

Latest News

Funding for Academic Conferences

T&PG has increased the funding for academic conferences to $1300 for those who are presenting and $1000 for those who are attending without presenting! Each faculty member is eligible for one funded conference per year. To apply for conference funds, on the portal go to “Committees and Organizations” then “Academic Assembly” then “Teaching and Professional Growth.” Under that menu, you’ll see a link for “Conference Funding Form.” Once you submit, this form will be automatically forwarded to the appropriate department chair (when applicable), dean, then the committee. You can also opt to request up to $500 in books in lieu of a conference. Conference and book requests are accepted every month.

Academic Writing Group to Launch

We would like to start an academic writing group for faculty, staff and administration. This group would be open to anyone who wants an opportunity to dedicate a few hours a week to academic writing and accountability. If you are interested, please fill out this form that was sent to you via the T&PG September newsletter (via Outlook)  so we can find the best time. Rumor has it that snacks may be included…

Due October 1:

Applications for Spring 2023 Faculty Scholarship funds, 2023 Sabatticals, and Spring 2023 Peer Education are due (Forms are available on the portal)

Due October 31:

Strategic Professional Development applications are due (pending fund availability)

Upcoming October events TBA:

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Classroom seminar

Technology Seminars

Awards Ceremony for Faculty Awards

Fall Faculty Forum

St. Francis Week – (Sponsored by University Ministry)