From Powerpoint Narration to Canvas Studio

All you need to know for recording narration to a Powerpoint to be exported to video and uploaded to Canvas Studio for placement in course content.

In the two presentations that follow, get the whole picture of recording audio narration to a Powerpoint, exporting the narrated Powerpoint to video, and then uploading the video to Canvas course content.

  • Recording Audio Narration to a Powerpoint and Exporting It to Video

    The screencast that follows shows how to record audio to a PowerPoint presentation and then to export the result to a video file in the mp4 format which is universal for streaming (Canvas Studio, YouTube, etc.) Was this helpful? YesNo 1 / 0

  • How to Add a Canvas Studio Video to Canvas Course Content

    In a few simple steps, learn from this one minute video how to add a Canvas Studio video to course content, which could be a Canvas content page, assignment, discussion topic, announcement, or a quiz item. Was this helpful? YesNo 2 / 0

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