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For Students
  • An Infographic to Avoid Plagiarism August 6, 2019 Refer to the infographic below on how to make your work original with appropriate citations that avoid the dangers of plagiarism in violation of academic integrity.
  • Checking Grades in Canvas April 6, 2016 For students, the following screencast shows you how to navigate to grades for both the whole course and for individual assignments, using a hypothetical student, “John Adams” as a tour guide of sorts.  
  • Compressing your video on your smart phone February 10, 2017 Note:  Previous information that stated you could upload your video to Canvas from your smartphone was wrong. Students do not yet have that right. These amended directions will show you that compressing your video on your phone to a manageable ...
  • Converting old videos to web-ready formats using “Handbrake” November 18, 2019 If you have old videos that were shot on camcorders using outdated formats (e.g., VHS or hi-8) and then digitized into your computer, they may not be playable if they are in old unrecognizable formats. A free utility called “Handbrake” ...
  • DocViewer in Canvas September 18, 2017 The “DocViewer” is the tool that enables instructors to annotate students papers, submitted as assignments, using the SpeedGrader. See the 2-minute demonstration.