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Using Adobe Connect for web-conferencing.  Also, Skype and Canvas conferencing

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  • Embedding an internet graphic into the Canvas Content Editor February 20, 2019 There is a way to place an internet graphic (or video) in a Canvas page that makes it easier to view for students and instructors.  Using the “embed” command accomplishes this, as shown in the screencast that follows.  The screencast ...
  • Explore Canvas Groups September 3, 2015 Your Canvas instructor can assign you to groups of students for collaborative learning purposes. The short screencast will get you oriented to Canvas Groups.
  • Get authenticated into Google Drive at USF September 3, 2015 Get authenticated into Google Drive at USF, before you begin work on a Google Document, for single or collaborative purposes with others, at USF. The screencast shows you how.
  • Get Oriented to the New Canvas UI March 29, 2016 Get Oriented to the New Canvas UIBy now you may have heard that Canvas will be changing over to a colorful new user interface on May 16, 2016. And that is inevitable. But it’s got some notable features including flatter navigation (not as much clicking), alerts ...
  • Going Full Screen with Powerpoints and Desktop Displays in Adobe Connect August 17, 2016 Participants attending an Adobe Connect can enlarge a Powerpoint or desktop display to full screen size, without disturbing others who are attending the meeting, and then restore the display to its normal size, by toggling a simple switch in the ...