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Webcasting with C920 webcam and MOVO conference room microphone

The webcam and microphone devices demonstrated here work the same as any other plug-and-play USB device.  Just turn on the computer first, plug the devices in, and set your webcasting (webinar) solution to “see” these devices.  Specific instructions are shown

Embedding an internet graphic into the Canvas Content Editor

There is a way to place an internet graphic (or video) in a Canvas page that makes it easier to view for students and instructors.  Using the “embed” command accomplishes this, as shown in the screencast that follows.  The screencast

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Extending assignment deadlines in Canvas

As a Canvas instructor, you will occasionally deal with extending a deadline for a student who has legitimate extenuating circumstances, but you will want to keep the same deadline for all other students intact.  The following screencast on Microsoft Stream

Select a Speaker with Audio Setup Wizard

Adobe Connect now includes the ability to select an appropriate speaker or headset when you run the “Audio Setup Wizard,” always recommended to balance a microphone with the room’s acoustics to produce the best and most legible audio. The Screencast

Canvas Exam Analytics

To learn about student performance and to evaluate the effectiveness of individual exam questions.

Adding Custom Questions to a Course Section as an Instructor

Screencasting with Arc Video

Using Arc Video in Canvas, you can record a screencast of a website or a software operation for instructional purposes, in minutes.  The screencast is saved and embedded in a content page, discussion posting, or any Canvas content that uses

Canvas for Instructors

This page may serve as just-in-time professional development to orient new instructors to Canvas. Scroll down after viewing the orientation for presentations on using the Canvas gradebook, and its companion, the speedgrader.

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Download instructional resources from Canvas Commons

Commons in Canvas is a repository of instructional content (modules, content pages, assignments, etc.) that is available from the global navigation bar of Canvas. The video tutorial will introduce Commons and show you the steps for adding a resource to

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Place Microsoft Stream content in Canvas

Microsoft Stream

There are at least two ways to place Microsoft Stream content into Canvas– by way of a link; or an embed code. Another way is to download the video and upload it into Arc Video to include a conversation about