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Innovation for Lecture Capture: TechSmith Relay

TechSmith Relay is a solution for capturing lectures on video using a simple one-button procedure to initiate recording.  In theory, all an instructor has to do is enter the classroom environment which is set up for recording with TechSmith technology,

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Infographic in Support of Using Media for Student Engagement

This Infographic-21-Reasons-Video-Increase-Engagement is supported pretty well with links to research at the bottom of the infographic.

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Start an Adobe Connect Meeting with Phone Conferencing

Launch an Adobe Connect meeting and set its preferences to include audio (telephone) conferencing.

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Logging Into Adobe Connect for the First Time

Watch the two and a half-minute screencast which gives a general orientation to an Adobe Connect account.

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Set Up Phone Conferencing, one-time only

If you are an Adobe Connect meeting host, you have the ability to set up phone conferencing.  This is a one-time only procedure.  Care must be taken to schedule your phone conference so as not to conflict with others in

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An in-video Canvas Quiz created by Stacy Dewald

Innovator digital badge

Criminal Justice Professor Stacy Dewald demonstrates how she created an in-video quiz using Canvas Studio (Arc Video) that can be entered into the Canvas gradebook.  Dewald earned a digital “Innovation” badge for her accomplishments.

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Learning Glass with Deborah Bacharz

Innovator digital badge

Nursing Professor Deb Bacharz uses Learning Glass to deliver a “chalk and talk” lecture to remote online students. For her presentation delivered in the Innovation Academy held in May she received the “Innovators” digital badge.

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New to Adobe Connect: PHONE CONFERENCING!

USF implemented during the summer a new (and long-awaited) phone conferencing feature in Adobe Connect.  For meetings that are set up for phone conferencing, users may call into an 800 number, enter a participant code, and join the meeting with

USF Computer Requirements for students, updated June 2019

These are general system requirements for students taking a course at USF, traditional, hybrid, or online.  A second page shows specific requirements for important applications.

Webcasting with C920 webcam and MOVO conference room microphone

The webcam and microphone devices demonstrated here work the same as any other plug-and-play USB device.  Just turn on the computer first, plug the devices in, and set your webcasting (webinar) solution to “see” these devices.  Specific instructions are shown