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Can a Student Watch a (YouTube) Video in Canvas for Credit? YES!

A professor asked this interesting question:  Can a YouTube video be put into Canvas with students earning credit for watching it?  The answer is “Yes,” with a modest amount of set-up by the instructor.  The video needs to be added

How to Submit a Video to a Canvas Assignment with Canvas Studio

Students are occasionally required to submit a video to a Canvas assignment for grading.  The following screencast (two minutes 11 seconds) shows the steps to upload a video from a computer to a Canvas assignment using Canvas Studio, so that

Keynote to Faculty on dealing with “difficult and demanding” students

Sue Ohrablo, Ed.D. provided a detailed and informative set of issues and strategies in her address, “How to teach and advise difficult and demanding students:  De-escalating interactions and resolving issues.  The video includes her PowerPoint slide deck and runs 1

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Does your Adobe Connect Meeting have phone (audio) conferencing?

When you log in as a “registered user” to an Adobe Connect meeting that you are hosting, you may find a telephone icon instead of a microphone icon.  That signals that the meeting has been set up for audio conferencing

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How to Submit an iPhone Video to a Canvas Studio Assignment

For iPhone 7 or later users, these procedures cover how to set up your iPhone for the quickest and most efficient video recording possible, and then how to submit your video to a Canvas assignment via Canvas Studio.  What follows

How to Grade with the Canvas Speedgrader

The Speedgrader allows you to grade by clicking on the criteria of a rubric (of your creation), annotate Word documents and PDFs, add comments or audio or video messsages, and grade videos submitted by students using Canvas Studio.

Provost’s message: Envisioning the Future of Academics at USF

Dr. Beth Roth, Provost and Vice President of Academics, delivered a message on the future of academics at USF to faculty, administrators and staff.  Recorded August 15, 2019 at the Turk Theater at USF.

All About DAT, Fall 2019

Phone Conferencing for Adobe Connect Canvas Studio is the new name for Arc Video Academic Technology is looking forward to another year of working with you to achieve quality course development goals, digital literacy and fluency on your terms, successful

Clinic: Create an In-Video Quiz with Canvas Studio

A quiz placed in a Canvas Studio can sustain student attention and engagement.  Here is a 13-minute clinic on the process of importing a YouTube Video and creating a quiz to be embedded on the video timeline and eventually installed

PowerPoint Now Publishes to Stream after One-time Setup

The ability to publish directly to Stream from PowerPoint is available now for 2019-2020 academic year. It has been a long time in coming.  It requires some setup that Tech Support can implement, but it’s doable.  Here are the one-time

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