Key Zoom Operations for Faculty

Here are the most important Zoom operations you should know.

  1. Authenticate properly into Zoom.
  2. Make sure your students authenticate into Zoom by importing “USF Zoom Authentication” from Canvas Commons into your course.
  3. Take attendance Using the Canvas attendance tool, and use the “virtual attendee” digital badge in case contract tracing for COVID is warranted.
  4. When you need to check attendance, go to the Zoom instance in your course, select Previous Meetings, and click on the number of those attending.  You will get a list of names.
  5. Schedule a meeting from the Zoom command within your course menu.  Then direct the students to the Zoom course menu to see the meeting.
  6. Record your Zoom meetings, if necessary, “to the Cloud,” but be mindful that you have a 20 GB ceiling.  That should be plenty, but the day will come when you need to either remove or download those recordings to clear space.

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