Respondus Lockdown Browser for Exams

Respondus Lockdown Browser is now available for online exams through the end of the semester. This application presents students from navigating to another website while they are taking an exam, and can be set to record a student with their webcam while they are taking the exam. The settings are shown in the following 2 minute 37 second screencast.

Respondus works within Canvas, but students will need to download software onto their computer before an exam.  Here are instructions you can provide to your students.

We recommend giving students a practice exam with Respondus before they take the real exam.  We have placed a practice exam on the Canvas Commons, and you can add it to your course.  See instructions for importing the practice exam.  (If you don’t see the page, reload your browser window.)

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Students instructions are downloadable from this link:  RLDB-QuickStartGuide-Instructor-Instructure RLDB-QuickStartGuide-Instructure-Student.

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