Technology in the Classroom brown bag

Teaching & Professional Growth sponsored this brown bag seminar on the use of technology in the classroom, real or virtual, on September 27th.  This is the recording which includes a lively discussion between faculty and TSC specialists Christine Marks and Glen Gummess. 

The brown bag topics included discussion and on-screen demonstrations of:

  • Recording digital lectures on Zoom and automatically storing them on Canvas Studio.
  • Installing Microsoft Office 365 on students’ computers (except for Google Chrome devices).
  • Using Turnitin “Draft Coach” in Microsoft Word online as a means for students to check for plagiarism in advance.
  • Where to find resources on the Tech Support Website (such as the Turnitin Draft Coach).
  • Changing the default submission (due date or turn-in time) from 11:59 pm to anything you want.
  • Migrating a “classic” quiz to New Quizzes
  • Where to report a technical problem in the Portal.  
  • Zoom Whiteboards as stand-alone learning tools.
  • Options for faculty-led professional development of educational technology tools.

We hope you enjoy this and find it illuminating!  Best viewed in wide screen mode.

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