Zoom Recordings Can Now Go Straight to Canvas Studio!

Zoom Recordings Can Go Straight to Canvas Studio!

When you enable this feature, the meetings you record on Zoom will automatically be posted to Canvas Studio.  From Canvas Studio these meetings can be placed directly into Canvas content such as an announcement, a page, an assignment, or a discussion post using Canvas content editor’s plug-in feature.

What this means

Previously if you wanted to display a Zoom recording in Canvas content, you had to download the meeting recording from your Zoom account to your computer, and then edit a Canvas content page, select the Studio plug-in, and upload the video– a process that has many hoops and is unwieldy.  This new feature eliminates those hoops.  In fact, you don’t even have to think about it once you have set it up.  Just record the Zoom meeting.  Later, you will receive a notification that the meeting recording is available in Canvas Studio.  To set it up, follow these procedures.  To embed the recording into Canvas content, follow these procedures.  

How to Set Up Zoom Recordings to Studio

How to embed Canvas Studio videos into Canvas course content

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