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Canvas is our learning management system that virtualizes all courses at USF. All online courses and “blended” classroom-based courses are supported by Canvas.

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Embedding an internet graphic into the Canvas Content Editor

There is a way to place an internet graphic (or video) in a Canvas page that makes it easier to view for students and instructors.  Using the “embed” command accomplishes this, as shown in the screencast that follows.  The screencast

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Canvas for Instructors

This page may serve as just-in-time professional development to orient new instructors to Canvas. Scroll down after viewing the orientation for presentations on using the Canvas gradebook, and its companion, the speedgrader.

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Get Oriented to the New Canvas UI

Canvas Logo

By now you may have heard that Canvas will be changing over to a colorful new user interface on May 16, 2016. And that is inevitable. But it’s got some notable features including flatter navigation (not as much clicking), alerts

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Explore Canvas Groups

Your Canvas instructor can assign you to groups of students for collaborative learning purposes. The short screencast will get you oriented to Canvas Groups.

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Record Attendance in Canvas with “Roll Call”

Inserting or Embedding an Image into a Canvas post

Canvas Guides logo

When you are replying to a discussion message or writing an entry for an assignment as a text submission, you are using the “rich content editor” in Canvas.  There are a couple of ways to incorporate images into your content

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