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Canvas is our learning management system that virtualizes all courses at USF. All online courses and “blended” classroom-based courses are supported by Canvas.

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Can a Student Watch a (YouTube) Video in Canvas for Credit? YES!

A professor asked this interesting question:  Can a YouTube video be put into Canvas with students earning credit for watching it?  The answer is “Yes,” with a modest amount of set-up by the instructor.  The video needs to be added

How to Submit a Video to a Canvas Assignment with Canvas Studio

Students are occasionally required to submit a video to a Canvas assignment for grading.  The following screencast (two minutes 11 seconds) shows the steps to upload a video from a computer to a Canvas assignment using Canvas Studio, so that

How to Submit an iPhone Video to a Canvas Studio Assignment

For iPhone 7 or later users, these procedures cover how to set up your iPhone for the quickest and most efficient video recording possible, and then how to submit your video to a Canvas assignment via Canvas Studio.  What follows

Set up Your Canvas Course for Day One

Whether you plan to use Canvas a lot or a little, it’s helpful to have the major material set up before the first day of class, and it’s helpful to provide an overview of the Canvas site on the first

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How to Grade with the Canvas Speedgrader

The Speedgrader allows you to grade by clicking on the criteria of a rubric (of your creation), annotate Word documents and PDFs, add comments or audio or video messsages, and grade videos submitted by students using Canvas Studio.

Clinic: Create an In-Video Quiz with Canvas Studio

A quiz placed in a Canvas Studio can sustain student attention and engagement.  Here is a 13-minute clinic on the process of importing a YouTube Video and creating a quiz to be embedded on the video timeline and eventually installed

An in-video Canvas Quiz created by Stacy Dewald

Innovator digital badge

Criminal Justice Professor Stacy Dewald demonstrates how she created an in-video quiz using Canvas Studio (Arc Video) that can be entered into the Canvas gradebook.  Dewald earned a digital “Innovation” badge for her accomplishments.

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Embedding an internet graphic into the Canvas Content Editor

There is a way to place an internet graphic (or video) in a Canvas page that makes it easier to view for students and instructors.  Using the “embed” command accomplishes this, as shown in the screencast that follows.  The screencast

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Canvas Exam Analytics

To learn about student performance and to evaluate the effectiveness of individual exam questions.

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Adding Custom Questions to a Course Section as an Instructor

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