Canvas for Students

canvasLogoCanvas is the official learning management system for the University of St. Francis. For each course in USF’s academic portfolio, there is a Canvas “virtual” presence where instructors and students can access content or conduct entire classes online.

Take a four minute 36i second tour of Canvas.

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Click on any of the following titles to expand the video of the Canvas feature.

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USF traditional face-to-face courses each have a Canvas instance that instructors may use to assign and collect assignments, including quizzes and exams, or post content such as slide shows and PDF documents. It is up to the instructor.

Online courses are fully administered through Canvas, from start to finish, connecting faculty and students across all geographical boundaries, provided internet access is available.

Troubleshooting Powerpoints (Adobe Presentations) that use Flash Old PowerPoint presentations that were recorded as Adobe Presentations several years ago rely on Flash, an obsolete technology that is set to expire in December, 2020.  Until then, these troubleshooting steps will allow users to see Adobe Presentations. One method:  Use Adobe Connect, the same app that is downloaded and used to open meetings, to open ...

Record Your Webcam to Canvas Studio from a Laptop To record yourself presenting via webcam to Canvas Studio, you must be using a laptop with a webcam built-in and a microphone, or from a desktop computer that is equipped with webcam and mic accessories.  The steps are simple, and you can add closed captions as this screencast shows:

Record Directly to Canvas Studio with an iPhone If you want to record a video directly to Canvas Studio from your iPhone (or other smartphone), go ahead!  These steps show you how.