Canvas for Students

canvasLogoCanvas is the official learning management system for the University of St. Francis. For each course in USF’s academic portfolio, there is a Canvas “virtual” presence where instructors and students can access content or conduct entire classes online.

Take a four minute 36i second tour of Canvas.

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Click on any of the following titles to expand the video of the Canvas feature.

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USF traditional face-to-face courses each have a Canvas instance that instructors may use to assign and collect assignments, including quizzes and exams, or post content such as slide shows and PDF documents. It is up to the instructor.

Online courses are fully administered through Canvas, from start to finish, connecting faculty and students across all geographical boundaries, provided internet access is available.

How to Upload a Video to Canvas: For Students Your instructor has asked you to upload a video to a Canvas assignment.  Now what do you do?  Here are three basic tutorials on uploading video to a Canvas assignment, or just to Canvas Studio to be used later.  There is also a tutorial on how to upload a video from your iPhone to a ...

For Students: How to Submit a Video to a Canvas Assignment You can submit a video to a Canvas assignment that is enabled by the instructor to do so.  The first video below, shows the steps for submitting the video from your computer.  The second video, below the first, shows you how to do that from your iPhone using the free Canvas App for Students.  You ...

Transcribe audio file to text: Cost? Nothing. Transcribe audio file to text: Cost? Nothing.